Kelly Clarkson sings about her father, brings tears to the entire room with her message

Looking at her career now, it’s hard to remember that Kelly Clarkson was basically just like the rest of us until she took the stage at American Idol back in 2002. The American singer, songwriter, actress and author rose to fame after being the first winner of the competition.
Clarkson was dubbed the “Original American Idol” and the “Queen of the covers” thanks to her amazing performance in the competition. Although the first season of American Idol aired more than ten years ago, anyone who got a chance to watch Clarkson perform in the competition surely remembers some of her most iconic moments.
Since then, Clarkson has released multiple albums, but she’s always managed to keep her feet on the ground and remember how it all began. It was American Idol that gave her a chance to showcase her incredible talent. And Kelly has always been extremely grateful for that.
So, on the show’s final season, the singer returned on the stage where her dreams were made a reality to honor everyone who believed in her. That performance was one of her best up until that point.
Not even the judges were able to refrain their tears. Take a look:

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