Brave kayaker saves drowning deer from fast flowing river

A group of whitewater enthusiasts had adventured on the Candigliano river near San Marino in Italy when they came up to something unexpected. Fabrizio “Gass” Capizzo was enjoying the rapids with some kayaker friends, when he spotted a tiny creature struggling to keep its head afloat in the turbulent river. It was a deer fighting for its life!

As soon as he spotted the helpless creature, Fabrizio alerts his friends and jumps into action. The confused animal is desperately trying to swim to the rocky shoreline and its efforts seem useless in front of river’s strong currents. In a moment, the brave kayaker turns around and starts to chase the deer. He looks so focused on saving the tiny animals as he almost forgets about his fellas.

“Hey, hey come here,” the man can be heard saying. But the distressed animal is moved away by the fast flowing river. At some point Fabrizio thinks he might lost it as the rapids get faster and faster, but after a few moments through the turbulent waters he spots the deer again. The poor little thing has somehow managed to reach the shoreline, but it is impossible for it to get out of water due to the steep shores.

The kind-hearted man finally manages to grab the exhausted deer onto his kayak and starts paddling back to the shore. Meantime his companions arrive at the scene. With their help the deer is taken out of water. “Easy, easy” Fabrizion can be heard while one of his friends takes the wild animals to safety ground.

After a quick investigation to see if it’s not injured, the kind kayakers try to warm the animal up with their hands. Thankfully, the little one seems to have no injuries as after a few moments it stands up ready to walk again.

Watch the dramatic rescue here:

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