Kathie Lee And Hoda Blind Audition On ‘The Voice.’ Got All 4 Judges To Hit Their Buzzers In Laughter

Everyone who is a fan of the Today Show knows Hoda and Kathy Lee. Together, they rock the set, but this time, the power duo decided to try something they never tried before. The women strolled over to the set of The Voice and surprised the judges with a blind audition that was anything but ordinary.
Needless to say, Kathy Lee has plenty of experience performing and is a magnificent singer who can have any type of audience eating from the palm of her hand. Hoda, on the other hand, is not a professional singer. So the judges were extremely confused and had no idea what to do. On the one hand, they wanted to turn around whenever they heard Kathy’s voice.
However, when it was Hoda’s turn to showcase her vocal abilities, the judges felt it would be best to hold back on their vote. In the end, though, Kathy Lee’s voice was just too good for the judges to pass on.
Curious to see what their reaction was when they saw the performance belonged to two of the most famous women on morning television? In this case, all you have to do is hit the play button.

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