Judges Make Young Girl Break Down in Tears, Simon Makes Move No One’s Ever Seen Before

By now, pretty much everybody knows that Simon Cowell is one of the toughest members of the jury at America’s Got Talent. Simon is definitely not afraid to speak his mind and share his honest opinion about a contestant’s talent and their performance on stage, even if the truth is not always comfortable or well received.
But this doesn’t mean Simon Cowell doesn’t have a different side as well. He recently showed that he can be compassionate and understanding as well when he comforted a young girl on stage who broke down in tears during her auditions.
Sara Carson and her lovable Collie were extremely nervous to step on stage, but they managed to put together an incredible routine, and everybody in the audience seemed to appreciate their show. However, two of judges weren’t convinced that Sara and her dog deserved to move up in the competition and voted against it.
Then is when Simon joined Sara on stage and did something he has never done before. It’s not a gesture we’re used to seeing Simon do. It was even a surprise for his colleagues at the judges’ table.
Find out what Simon did to help out Sara by watching the video below:

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