The emotional moment Jimmy Stewart reads a poem about his late dog

He was one of the most famous stars in film history. A massive talent, Jimmy Stewart known the world-wide fame and the eternal honor thanks to his distinctive drawl. However, what most of us might not know is love for animals. And especially for his four-legged companion, Beau.

And there is one special and so touching moment, the star from “It’s a Wonderful Life” has entirely dedicated to his beloved dog. Even if it happened decades ago, a moment like this could never get old.

Back in 1981, the Hollywood legend was Jonny Carson’s guest, during a popular TV show back then, “The Tonight Show Starring.” It’s when, Jimmy Stewart decided to read a poem he wrote about his golden retriever, Beau. The ode it’s called “I’ll Never Forget a Dog Named Beau.”

At first, his words seemed lighthearted, but in the end, the effect was so different! Watch the moment, bellow:

And the incredible bond between Jimmy and Beau, was so nice remembered in Stanley Coren’s book, “Why We Love the Dogs We Do,” published in 2000. It actually proved that there was no fiction in Jimmy’s touching poem. Here’s what Coren wrote:

“Stewart was making a picture which was shooting on location in Arizona. One evening he got a phone call from his veterinarian, a Dr. Keagy. The call was about Beau. Keagy told him that Beau was very sick. He was having trouble breathing and was in considerable pain. The disease had progressed to the point that it was obvious to Keagy that the dog couldn’t be saved. He was calling for permission to end Beau’s life quickly.

“Stewart’s wife Gloria said that she couldn’t make that decision since Beau was Jimmy’s dog. ‘I can’t just tell you to put him to sleep like this,’ Stewart said, ‘Not over the phone-not without seeing him. You keep him alive and I’ll be there.’ Stewart was always known as an easy actor to work with, who never made excessive demands. So, the director was taken aback when he went to him to ask for a few days off to fly home to see to his dog. The leave was granted and Stewart got to sit with Beau for a long while before making the decision. He later admitted that when he left the veterinarian’s office he had to sit in his car for around 10 minutes, just to clear his eyes of tears, so that it would be safe to drive home. “

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