Jimmy Challenges Adam To Sing Off, Underestimates Him Big Time With Sinatra Classic

If you’re a fan of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, then you are probably familiar with a segment called Wheel of Musical Impressions where guests have to mimic the voices of famous singers in the industry. One of the latest to take on the challenge was none other than The Voice coach and Marron 5 lead singer Adam Levine.
Over the years, Adam Levine proved he is a strong singer with a one-of-a-kind voice, but nobody expected him to be such a versatile singer. Adam surprised everyone, including Jimmy, with his spot-on impression of Sinatra, and it’s definitely something you need to see to believe.
Who know Adam was such a gifted impressionist, right?
“I’m not Jimmy Fallon style, but I can do some things,” said Adam before wowing the audience with his awesome performance. Even so, Jimmy didn’t throw in the towel, and further challenged Levine with his impression of Bob Dylan.
By the end of the stand-off, no one could decide who managed to do a better impression: Adam Levine or Jimmy Kimmel? So we’ll just let you decide.
That being said, if you have any friends who are huge Adam Levine fans, this is something you need to share with them ASAP!

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