Jaguar cub leaps into pool and instantly regrets it

Black jaguar is the ultimate predator that roams the Americas. With their main natural habitat in the Amazonian forests, these fearless wild cats are some natural born swimmers. Their muscular limbs makes them incredible strong not just on the land but even in the water. However, even they have to start from somewhere.

YouTube/Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

A brave little black jaguar cub named Cielo wanted to prove its fearless spirit but to its misfortune, the cute little fella overestimated its swimming skills. Acting instinctually, Cielo didn’t thought too much when to leap into a pool for the very first time in its life. Of course, the result was nothing but hilarious and a little painfully  for the little swimmer, who instantly regretted its decision.

YouTube/Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

Thankfully for the cute little thing its adventure into the pool ended well and it didn’t last more than a few second as its caring caretakers at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation were there to rescue Cielo, once again.

Cielo was among the first jaguar cubs the volunteers at the Foundation have managed to rescue from the hands of wildlife traders. The cub was only a few months old when her careless owners wanted to sell her to pet shop that wanted to use the endangered creature to take photos for profit. Fortunately, Cielo was saved just in time and now she has the chance to live a peacefully life.

(h/t: thedodo)

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