Sweet Jack Russell teaches his baby brother how to crawl

It has to be a very special chemistry between pups and little babies, since it is nearly impossible to find a more adorable duo. Besides, watching a little baby hanging up with his four-legged friend is always heartwarming. While the innocent little humans are constantly looking to play and have fun, dogs act just like they were big brothers. They always try to keep their little brother out of trouble and help them out. And this so caring Jack Russell and his baby brother are no different.

Curtis Henderson decided to catch on video the moment her baby is learning how to crawl. However, little did she know the family’s adorable Jack Russell Terrier who witnessed the whole scene, would steal the show. While the 5-month-old baby is encouraged by his parents to get at them using his arms and legs, the pup is watching. But since the little one shows no progress as he did not moved an inch, the helpful Jack Russell decided to step in.

“This is how you do it, little human,” the dog might have said as he laid down on the carpet next to his human brother. He then pulled his tiny paws in front of him as he started to crawl. At some point he even turned his head to see if his demonstration gets noticed. But he quickly learns his efforts are unsuccessful as the little one stays right there where his mom left him. However, at some point the baby shows his appreciation to his furry companion’s effort with happy scream. Watch the adorable interaction here:

h/t: barkpost

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