The Internet Has Fallen In Love With This Cop Playing Pokemon Go With A Local Kid

You’ve seen the news lately. It seems like the relationship between law enforcement and civilians is quickly degrading more and more by the day. Each party has made its own mistakes, but maybe not all is lost.
At the end of the day, we need the police to protect us against the bad guys, and police has a lot to gain if they have more civilians rooting for them when it comes down to fighting against crime.
The problem today is that only the negative news get media exposure. We only hear about the racist cops and irrational civilians. But the truth is that “Not all cops are bad just like not all black children despise the law!” This is what Elizabeth Perez wrote on her social media account to describe a heartwarming photo she took.
The picture shows Officer Barberi playing Pokemon Go with a young boy in the middle of the street, and the image is going viral. Hundreds of people have shared the image and showed appreciation. There are the kinds of positive examples that can change the way we see things and improve the relationships between us.
Everybody needs to see this!


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