According to the ecologists at the University of Sidney, more than 480 million animals have died in Australia since September. Even though the people of Australia are trying to help, however they can. But amid the terrible events some touching, hope-giving footages have emerged, boosting the morale of all those affected. And this baby kangaroo rescue is one of them.

Sam McGlone is a 24-year-old Instagram influencer. A kind and gentle soul, Sam has always been a selfless spirit. Driven by his desire to help others, Sam volunteered as a firefighter during the Australian bushfires.

A couple of days ago, the amateur firefighters took the Instagram to show a lovely footage of a baby kangaroo rescue. The man filmed himself while saving the scared little joey from the blaze in Braidwood, New South Wales. The brave man also encourage people to help however they can, after the catastrophic wildfires hit Australia.

“I saved this little baby kangaroo it was left by its self! This is heart breaking. 10 Million acres burned. Please spread. Please donate. We need your help!” Sam wrote on his post.

“I found a baby joey in the fire,” Sam can be heard. “Alright everyone, meet my little baby. Saved him out of the fire today. We got you buddy, don’t worry I’ve got you now.”

Earlier this week, two brave teens went on a koala rescue mission and filled their car with at least 20 koalas they saved from the devastating areas of the Kangaroo Island.

h/t: theanimalclub | Instagram