Identical Triplets Share Scars From Tragic Fire. 30 Years Later, Stun Everyone With Their Looks

Chandra, Trae and Jordan Berns of Texas were just 17 months old when they were tragically involved in an accident that changed their lives forever. Then just babies, the identical triplets were caught inside their burning home. The fire took the life of their mother and left them with extensive scars across their bodies and face.
As they grow older, the three undergone countless painful surgeries and facial masks meant to improve the appearance of their skin and reduce the scaring. But although all these medical procedures were painful, the most difficult part for them was the way other people treated them.
People would always stare at their scars and look at them with pity and sometimes even disgust. Recently, the three women discovered laser treatment, and embarked on a long road of healing themselves, both from a mentally and an emotional point of view.
The laser treatment turned out to be extremely successful in their cases, and now, more than 30 years after the tragic accident, the three sisters can finally say they’ve come at peace with the way they look.
Here is more about their inspiring story and all the struggles they’ve overcome together during all these difficult years.

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