Husky throws temper tantrum after mom leaves him alone for two hours

Dogs have the most enthusiastic reaction upon seeing their owners – there’s no doubt about it. It doesn’t matter you missed for just a few minutes, when you get back your dog reacts as you’ve been gone for years. But even so, nothing compare with this Husky’s reaction when his owner left him alone for a couple of hours!


A drama queen, the Husky named Jackson simply refuses to believe his parents ‘abandoned’ him for precisely two hours. So, when they got back home, the puppy found a very original way to protest. He throws a loud tantrum when his mom tries to apologize for not including him in her plans, this time. The woman even caught the hilarious moment on camera, and the dog’s reaction went viral online.


Jackson, a 2-year-old spoiled dog, has always been great fond of adventures, and that’s why his owners took him everywhere. So you can imagine how disappointed he was when they left him outside for two eternal hours. But when they came back home, Jackson showed his disapproval in his unique way – by throwing a painfully adorable tantrum.


In vain his mom is trying to apologize, because Jackson doesn’t want to hear any of her excuse. Instead, he keeps hiding his head under a pillow on the sofa. “Excuse me sir. I’m sorry,” Jackson’s mom says. “I’m really sorry I promise I am.” But the stubborn dog isn’t too impressed. You can watch the comical moment here:

Jackson is a rising star on social media, where his mom constantly shares adorable video of him. The charming dog has nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram alone. Keep up with Jackson by following him, here!

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