Husky Neglected in Crate His Whole Life Given Almost No Chance of Survival

The sight of Rocky, a rescued Husky weighing a mere 28 pounds, could bring tears to anyone’s eyes. This was the sight that Lee Asher from the Asher House was greeted with when he first encountered Rocky.

Given Rocky’s severe physical state, the vet warned Lee that it might be too late to save the emaciated husky. Rocky’s starvation was so severe that there was a chance his body might not recover.

Despite this grim prognosis, Lee sensed a strong will in Rocky and chose to take him under his care. “Rocky’s condition was the worst I’ve ever seen, but I noticed a spark of resilience in his eyes, and I decided to take him in,” Lee explains.

Lee later reveals that Rocky, only about 15 months old, was purchased roadside. The scale of Rocky’s abuse is gut-wrenching to comprehend – confined to a minuscule kennel for his entire life. His paws were misshapen due to prolonged caging. However, a week later, a heartwarming moment unfolded when Rocky was introduced to the pack, possibly interacting with other dogs for the first time. There was a particularly joyful greeting from Matilda. It was a sight to behold when Rocky could finally stand on solid ground!

In a follow-up video, Lee takes Rocky, along with a few other dogs, for his inaugural grooming session. En route, Rocky lets out a howl, indicating his improving health!

After the grooming session, it wasn’t long before all the dogs, including Rocky, were back to romping in the dirt. Even though Rocky still has a long healing journey ahead, he seems incredibly content and already comfortable at the Asher House.

The viewers too were awestruck by Rocky’s transformation. One viewer commented, “Wow! What a transformation in Rocky! Not just the grooming but also his socialization with the pack and you. You’ve done an amazing job with him and Matilda.”

Another viewer noted, “Rocky still has a way to go – emotionally, as well as physically – but he’s so much better! He’s gained weight, he’s active, and he’s integrating into the pack.” Another remarked, “Rocky is evolving into the dog he was meant to be, even letting out his howls. Lee, you’ve once again rescued another beautiful dog.”

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