Husband goes to groomer, but comes home with the wrong dog

This guy wanted to be a helpful husband, but somehow he managed to mess things up in an epic way! Rudy Salazar thought he’s doing his wife CoCo a favour when she volunteered to pick up their puppy, BooBear, from groomer. However, he somehow came back with the wrong puppy!

CoCo Salazar

As soon as Rudy stepped inside the house holding a tiny white dog in his arms, his wife realized something pretty strange with their beloved BooBear. She dropped him for a haircut earlier that day, but right he looked a completely different dog. “After a 15hr work day over Christmas my wonderful husband says ‘Honey, What can I help you with?'” the woman wrote in a Facebook post. “Well you can take BooBear to the groomers for me and this happens…he comes home with the wrong dog.”

CoCo Salazar

However, it turned out Rudy had an explanation for his blunder. When he got at the groomers, the man said he’s there for CoCo. But right that moment, there was a puppy named CoCo and instead of giving him his dog, they gave him a dog named CoCo who, ironically looked almost like BooBear.

Thankfully, the innocent mistake was fixed in the end as poor Rudy went back and returned with BooBear! Of course, everyone including Coco (the human) have seen the funny side of the incident. The wife even captured her husband’s blunder on camera and shared it on Facebook. Take a peek:

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