Husband Deserts Wife Pregnant Leaving Her in Terrible Debt, Then She Finds Something in The Oven

Never take anything you have for granted, because life is truly unpredictable and things can dramatically change in an instant. Amanda, the woman in the video below, learned this powerful lesson the hard way, and her incredible story is now going viral.
After Amanda and her husband got married, it seemed like her life was perfect. She and her husband were living the dream: they had a beautiful wedding, they moved in together into the home of their dreams, and experienced tremendous joy when Amanda got pregnant with their first child.
But it all came crushing down in a way Amanda never expected. You see, her husband left her unexpectedly after their child was born, leaving Amanda with a young baby and a lot of debt. She saw her dream burning down in flames and couldn’t find a way to get herself out of debt.
She was in a desperate condition, but help came when she least expected it. A local radio station heard about her story and the dramatic situation she was in, and decided to do something to help out this struggling mom.
What they did for her changed her life forever. Take a look:

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