Hospitalized 4-year-old watches football outside window, sees entire crowd waving at him

If you’ve ever had the chance of watching a football game from the stands, then you know it’s a different, much more thrilling experience than simply watching it from your living room sofa. Still, not everyone can go to an actual football event and experience all the wonderful sensations.
The four-year-old in the video below wanted nothing more than attending a football game, but he suffers from a rare autoimmune disease that prevents him from going. Luckily, though, thanks to many kindhearted strangers who were deeply touched by his story, the football game found a way to come to his him.
From his hospital room, the four-year-old got to get a sense of what it would be like to actually be at the game. That’s because hundreds of people came together to surprise the little boy in a way that will most likely bring tears to your eyes.
You see, the little boy is currently hospitalized at the University of Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The top floors of the hospital provide a panoramic view over the Hawkeyes’ football stadium.
Taking advantage of this, the boy’s parents and the hospital staff put together a plan that involved no less than 70,000 people in the stadium waving at the little boy.
The boy’s reaction to seeing all those people looking and waving towards his hospital window was pretty special. Here’s how his mom described it in a post on social media.
“First time he actually smiled and giggled since we been here. This is such an amazing thing. He felt so special! Thank you everyone that waved! I had tears in my eyes. Even through everything he smiled.”
It’s so wonderful that people can join forces to create such a special moment for a deserving little boy and put a smile on his face. You need to see this!

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