Hospital saves man’s life after he’s shot. 9 years later, he becomes doctor at same hospital

A famous person once said that people with passion can inspire others and change the world. It might not always seem like it’s in our power to do something to make a real difference in the world, but you never know what a gesture you make might mean to someone.
This story is all about how setting a positive example and treating others how you’d like to be treated can have a huge impact.
It all started back in 2007. Then, Kevin Morton Jr. ended up in the emergency room after a stranger snuck up to him from behind as he was getting in his car after work and shot him in the abdomen. His injuries were severe, and he only had a small chance of surviving through the night.
He was put in the trauma unit at Detroit’s St. John Hospital where he spent the night surrounded by dozens of doctors, nurses, countless tubes and IVs. It was a joined effort to give him the best chances at recovery.
The medical staff was not willing to give up on him, and fortunately, Kevin survived. Fast-forward ten years later, and you’ll find Kevin at the same hospital, only now, he’s the one helping others as a doctor.
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