Horse reunites with old friend years later, even owner is caught off guard by horse’s reaction

Sometimes, animals do things that prove they have more compassion for each another than humans frequently do. And this heartwarming reunion between three horses is definitely that kind of moment

The powerful video you are just about to watch tells the story of three beautiful horses that were reunited after four years of being apart, and it’s likely to bring tears to your eyes.
The horses all met when they were just fouls and they spent a short amount of time together. But that was enough for Arthur, Harry, and William to became inseparable and to spend all their time together.

Sadly, though, when Sue Blagburn – the owner, faced some financial difficulties, she was forced to sell Arthur. And while Harry and William were kept on Sue’s property in Firle, East Sussex, UK, their friend was far away. But, fortunately, after over four years she was able to get the horse back, and decided to reunite him with his old childhood friends.

Even they grew up together, Sue was unsure whether the horse will remember or recognize his old pals after all that time. But little did the woman know, they will share such a touching reunion. Well, not only did the horses recognized one another, but they had one of the best reactions ever captured on video. Their reaction will likely remind you of that of old friends who get to see each other for the first time in years.

“I knew that they would recognize each other,” the woman said. “but this is so much more deep than I thought possible, and… it’s so extraordinary.” Another proof that animals make friends for life, too! Watch the touching scene, here:

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