Homeless dog’s life transforms by following a stranger home

The other day, a man from St. Louis, Missouri, alighting from his bus, spotted a dog at his stop. He acknowledged the unknown pup and proceeded towards his home. To his surprise, he found that he had an unexpected follower all along the way.

“This dog seemed to have taken a liking to the man and followed him home,” Donna Lochmann, Chief Life Saving Officer for Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL), shared with The Dodo. “The man let him into his backyard for safety and contacted us.” The dog willingly followed him into the enclosed yard, patiently waiting for help to arrive.

Upon reaching the man’s home, Lochmann and her rescue partner, Natalie, anticipated encountering a frightened and defensive dog in his yard. Equipped with a leash, they braced for potential resistance from the dog, only to find that he was completely amenable to their assistance.

“He was such a darling right from the get-go,” Lochmann expressed. “We managed to leash him immediately and he readily accompanied us.” Lochmann and Natalie then escorted the pup, now named Orville, to their Jeep. While most rescue dogs prefer the back seat during their liberating rides, Orville chose a different location.

“He rode close to Natalie and me most of the journey,” Lochmann said. “He was just an ecstatic boy.”

Orville was visibly elated as he was transported to the shelter with his saviors. After prolonged solitude, this endearing pup was finally receiving the affection and care he deserved. On his maiden entry into the shelter, Orville’s tail was wagging excitedly. His initial response to his new acquaintances – the veterinary team at the clinic – was as delightful as it was unforeseen.

“The moment we brought Orville to the clinic, he hopped onto Molly’s lap,” SRSL revealed in a Facebook post. “He is beyond adorable, [and] we’re so happy he’s here to receive the aid he requires.” Orville’s new companions treated his injuries, nourished him with his first wholesome meal, and made him comfortable in his new enclosure.

While the SRSL team couldn’t ascertain Orville’s previous residence, they knew he was finally where he belonged. Despite the lengthy healing process ahead, the pup’s spirit remained unbroken.

“He was extraordinarily pleasant and appreciative from the outset,” Lochmann stated. Currently, Orville is often found enjoying the company of his favorite humans at the shelter. His health has markedly improved since his arrival, which indicates he’s ready for a forever home.

Although he is now eligible for foster care or adoption, no one has expressed interest in Orville so far. His friends at SRSL are confident that the perfect family will soon discover Orville. Meanwhile, they are more than content to receive his heartwarming hugs.

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