His home is so tiny it can be pulled by a bicycle. Take a peek inside his home…

Can you imagine living in the house that’s small enough to be pulled by a bicycle? For most people, it sounds like a nightmare, but for the man in the video below, it’s pretty much a dream come true.
Paul Elkins fell in love with micro-camping more than 10 years ago when he had the opportunity to tour the country in his cab over “stealth camper.” In order to make the whole adventure more affordable, the man decided to build his own version of a micro-shelter that he could take with him anywhere he goes.
Using 4 recycled fluted-plastic campaign signs from a recent election, a secondhand bike, 6 pine board, screws, some duct tape and zip ties, the man managed to build a house on wheels for the same amount many people spend when they want to splurge on jeans: $150.
So what kind of amenities do you get for $150? Well, you might be surprised, but it actually looks pretty cozy in there. And the best part is that you can take it anywhere you take your bike, which makes travelling a lot more accessible.
Watch the video below and get a peek into this micro mobile home:

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