Hollywood sign vandalized to read ‘Hollyweed’

Iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles was vandalized. Someone playful changed two letters from A final word with two letters E. result means in American slang, marijuana, referring most likely to the fact that this year, cannabis is legal in California.
Investigators suspect that the person who vandalized the sign is a man. He was recorded on surveillance camera for two hours, between midnight and two in the morning, while changing the sign. Cops are unable to identify the man with this record because it was dark and raining outside, so that it is clear the room, according to CNN.

Only the next day at 11.00 am, authorities came to the scene to repair the sign.

Hollywood sign is equipped with sensors that trigger when the police come immediately, but because these sensors are placed only in specific parts of letters can be avoided. Also, the Hollywood sign can be reached on foot and by car.


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