If you hold your hand in these specific positions, here’s the surprising effect

The benefits of practicing yoga are known throughout the world and include increased flexibility, lower stress level, weight reduction and better protection from injury.
There are many characteristic position and moves that any practitioner is well aware of, but did you know there’s actually something called yoga for your hands?
Hand yoga is a real thing and it can actually help you reduce the stress level in your life and calm yourself down. Originating from ancient India, hand yoga is a practice known for hundreds and hundreds of years, but it’s only recently started to increase in popularity in western countries.
Hand yoga is a way for someone to enter a meditative state, like it happens during traditional yoga, but it doesn’t require any additional equipment such as a yoga mat. In fact, all you need is your hands and knowing a few basic techniques – also referred to as mudras – that you can learn by watching the video below.
So what do you say? Are you willing to give this a try? There’s nothing to lose really, and who know, you might even find a new favorite way to unwind after a long day at work.


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