He’s keeping a 90-year-old history alive with this one-of-a-kind Howard Johnson’s

There’s always nice when you come across things that help you get a real feel of how it would be like to live in time when you weren’t even born. The past is fascinating, but unfortunately a lot of it is lost due to the fact that we don’t always manage to keep history alive.
A lot of old buildings get demolished, and thus big chucks of history are lost. However, in a small city in New York, history is being kept alive by a restaurant owner who thinks the past should be a thing of the present.
Howard Johnson’s restaurants were pretty popular a few decades ago. Families would get together on Sunday morning and head over to one of the restaurants to enjoy an inexpensive meal in a fun environment.
However, by the 1980s Hojo’s era was beginning to fade. Today, there is just one free-standing Howard Johnson’s restaurant left. Its owner makes sure it keeps it in pristine condition and as close to its original look as possible.
Stepping into this restaurant in scenic Lake George, New York is like taking a trip back in time. This is definitely something you should share with all of your friends who usually like to recall things from the past.

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