He’s so hungry, he dives right in. When his owners watch him do THIS, they burst out laughing

You know those days when you’re just too busy at work so you end up skipping lunch, and by the time you get home you’re so hungry that you feel like literally stuffing your face with whatever food you have in your fridge? Being hungry is the worst thing ever, right?
Well, to everybody who’s ever been in this type of situation, the video will most likely look very familiar. The adorable pup that stars in it sure has a large appetite. His owners recorded him enjoying his lunch, and the images are going viral.
The dog is so eager to get some food in his stomach that he literally dives into his bowl of food. The puppy can be seen stretching his back legs as if he was getting ready for takeoff. It’s pretty common knowledge that puppies commonly have a big appetite in the first months of their lives, which is probably the reason why this pup can’t seem to get food into his belly fast enough.
This is hilarious! Take a look and share this clip with all of your friends and family who understand the value of a good, tasty meal.

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