He’s Been Homeschooled His Whole Life – But Even Simon Wasn’t Prepared To Hear THIS

The judges at America’s Got Talent have seen it all: talented musicians, people with unique talents, dancers, comedians, and more. So it’s definitely hard for contestants to come up with a special number to impress the judges and move forwards in the competition.
The judges are looking for contestants that will manage to not only impress them, but who have a real shot at impressing the people at home. The young man in the video below surely fits the description.
Ryan Beard is a18-year-old teenager with a sense of humor that will totally blow you away. But his not only extremely funny; he also has a singing voice that is worthy of a much, much bigger stage.
The homeschooled teenager managed to charm the judges and the audience with his humorous tune about what it means to be homeschooled and all the hilarious challenges that come with it. The young man is able to make fun of his past, which is not something a lot of people are willing to do.
Well, this guy has it all: he’s talented, charismatic, good looking, so I think it’s safe to say he has a bright future in the entertainment industry ahead of him.

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