He’s Only 12-Years-Old, But Moment He Begins to Sing ‘Hallelujah’ Crowd Goes Hauntingly Silent

Some people are just born to be on stage and amaze the world with their God-given talent, and the 12-year-old in the video below is definitely one of them. Despite his young age, Australian artist Straalen McCallum is already an international artist. Now 18 years of age, the young man has come a long way in his career since his performance captured in the video below.
But even back there, it was obvious to everyone that there was something extremely special about him. Not only does he have an amazing voice, but the way he is able to connect to his audience and convey the emotion of any song suggests a kind of artistic depth that is hard to come by.
So it’s no surprise that record labels were competing to sign him ever since he was just a boy. In fact, Straalen was youngest singer in history to be signed by Sony Music Australia.
The boy starting touring at an age when most kids only have to worry about homework, and he amazed people from all over the world with his exceptional talent. His talent shines the brightest when he performs live because it gives him the opportunity to showcase his amazing energy and grace.
In this clip, you can listen to him do a wonderful rendition of “Hallelujah” on national television and hitting all the right notes. Again, he was only 12-years-old here. Can you believe it?
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