Heroic little boy jumps into pool to save his Rottweiler’s life

When comes to those we love, we do not hesitate to put our life on line only to save them. So when his beloved dog was in desperate need of help, this 11-year-old boy almost miraculously saved his life! Now, he’s hailed as a hero, and for a good reason!


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A few nights ago, Matheus Felipe was inside his house in Brazil, watching TV while his gentle Rottweiler, Nitro was exploring the backyard. Unexplainable, while walking around, the dog slipped and fell into the swimming pool.Though dogs are usually very good swimmers, Nitro struggled to get out of water and he was at risk of drowning.


Even inside the house and with the TV turned on, the little Felipe just heard water slashing in the backyard and he immediately rushed to investigate. Thankfully, the quick-thinking boy jumped into the pool soon as he realized his dog is in serious danger and saved his life!


Nevertheless, dragging a 150lb dog out of a swimming pool isn’t an easy task for a 11-year-old boy, but Felipe miraculously found the strength to save his friend. “I jumped in socks, shorts and a shirt,” the heroic boy told local news outlet A Gazeta.


Soon as he found himself at safety, Nitro wanted to show his gratitude to the loyal human friend that just saved his life. “When he came out of the water, he started licking me, saying ‘thank you,’” the boy said. “He’s a good friend to me. I cried a lot with him.”

The dramatic moment was caught on by the house’s surveillance cameras. You can watch it, bellow:

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