Herd of cows jumps for joy after seeing grass in six months

They are re so happy!

More than 100 cows have been recently caught on camera having the time of their life. The herd ventures outside on the green fields after more than six months and their reaction is absolutely adorable!

Due to the cold weather, the cattle had ben kept inside their stable at the Tom Pemberton Farm in Lancashire, Uk. But the moment their owner set them free, the animals are so excited, they’re all starting to jump with joy. The heartwarming footage went absolutely viral on social media where it gathered over 5 million views in less than 24 hours.

The video starts with the farmer comparing the day with a royal wedding’s day. “This is the biggest day,” the man says. “It’s the most exciting day. It is time to shine..ladies.” Then he opens the stable’s door to let the animals out, where they can enjoy a sunny day, once again, in more than six months.

The moment the happy cows step on the grassy fields is such a sight to behold. In fact, there was even a pretty large crowd that gathered at the farm, only to watch the cows reaction. The herd’s adorable (and naturally reaction) won everyone’s heart on social media with thousands of people delighted by the moment.

“Very happy cows, been such a long winter on animals and farmers,” one user wrote. “Best day of the year,” wrote another one. ” I never knew cows could or would express such joy, but you can tell those cows are thrilled to roam free outside!,” one person wrote. “That’s beautiful!”

h/t: facebook | youtube

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