Heartbroken woman tearfully reunites her stolen pit bull after two years

This is the heart-melting moment, a young woman is finally reunited with her beloved dog after more than two years apart. Even though her sweet pit bull was stolen from the house, and the chances to ever see him again were very slim, Mariah Cummings never lost hope and she kept looking looking for him. Gladly, her story has a happy ending!

Mariah from Saginaw, Michigan, has always loved puppies, yet she was aware that means a lot of responsibilities and commitment to share her home with a furry friend. But her dream came finally true in 2014, when she adopted Hannibal – an adorable pit bull puppy. As she always expected, it was love at first sight, for both of them. Since the day the met, they made a wonderful, inseparable duo. But unfortunately, a few years after the unthinkable happened. The then 3-year-old puppy disappeared.

“The first thing I said was, ‘I don’t hear Hannibal..then I start crying!”

Mariah Cummings

The young woman was getting back home from a short trip, but just when she was parking her car she realized her door was open, and she was sure she didn’t let it like that. But when she got closer, she realized someone has break into her house. The first thing that crossed Mariah’s mind was to search for her dog, but as she feared, he was gone!

From that moment, the heartbroken woman searched everywhere for her dog, but all the efforts proved to be in vain. There was no sing of Hannibal! Yet, Mariah kept looking for the dog for the next two years, but unsuccessfully though. She then moved to Tennessee and the chances to see her dog again were growing thin by the day.


“I was visiting shelters up until I moved to Tennessee two years later,” the woman told Daily Paws. “I went to almost every animal shelter in Michigan.”

But then, two and half years after Hannibal was stolen, some miraculous happened. A friend of Mariah sent her a picture of a dog who looked exactly like Hannibal and who was found in the city of Saginaw. The moment she saw the photo, Mariah was 100% sure that is her dog. The next moment she was in her car driving there. However, she feared her dog won’t recognize her after so many years. But it was nothing like that!

“The moment they sent me that picture, I was like, ‘That’s him. I’m on my way,'” Mariah said. “I started driving that night!”

The moment the two have reunited was caught on video and it is so emotional. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the room. “The tears were just rolling…it was like my body was just crying for me,” the woman explained. Mariah documented her journey to reunite Hannibal in now viral TikTok footage!

Watch the moment here:

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