Did you know that approximately 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters nationwide every single year? On top of that, there are also thousands of dogs that are abandoned by their owners and become homeless.

The Collie in the video below is one of those dogs. The poor doggy was left in the park by her previous owners who no longer wanted her. But despite the freezing temperatures, the dog refused to leave the spot where her owners dropped her. Most likely, the poor Collie hoped that her owners would come back after her, but unfortunately, that never happened


So when residents of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania spotted her running around the local park, she was already out in the cold for several days. Many of them worried that the dog wouldn’t survive in the frigid weather. Therefore they contacted Janine Guido, founder of local rescue organization Speranza Animal Rescue. Guido quickly drove to the park to look for the dog, who she named Carla.

Still, she stayed in the exact spot day after day after day, just waiting for her family to come back. During all this time, Guido fed her from her hand, as the dog refused to get in the leash so that she could be taken somewhere warm.

“On the first and second day I went out I was able to hand-feed her,” Guido told The Dodo. “However, if I went to loop her with the leash she would back up”

In case you ever wondered what a dog does after being dumped by her owners, this is your answer. As heartbreaking as it is, most dogs in this situation will sit and wait for days for their families to come back.