Heartbreaking photo of dog left at shelter by his family goes viral

An absolutely heart-shattering photo of a sad dog sitting in a kennel went viral. The snap was taken shortly after the dog’s family left him at the shelter. A reminder to everyone that a dog, just as any other animal pet means a lifetime commitment

The devastating image was shared by the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana and it shows Ritter – an adorable 4-year-old American Bulldog. Apparently, the family lost their home, so they dropped their dogs, Ritter and Corky, at the shelter. Soon as the dogs realize they are no longer able to play with children and other dogs tear them apart.

The Humane Society for Hamilton County

“Ritter’s reaction to the shelter was immediate and heartbreaking,” the shelter wrote online. “This is the reality our animals face every day – Heartbreak and a sense of hopelessness.”

Even it seems like the world ends for him, there is hope for Ritter. It always will! So the shelter tried everything in their power to find a loving family for Ritter.

“We are his second chance – it’s time to help this boy find a place to live, love, and be loved,” they wrote on Facebook. “A place for his heart to heal. We need to share his face and his story. Ritter’s happily ever after is out there. Share this post and, together, we’ll find him one.”

Thankfully, the photo taken by Alan Wlasuk – volunteer at the shelter, went absolutely viral on social media and it did not take too long until a kind woman offered to adopt Ritter, which she did eventually. “I adopted him!,” the woman wrote. “Get to pick him up Thursday and love him forever.”

The shelter also take Facebook to thank everyone for their involvement, but to also remind them they still have so many other adorable animals, ready to meet their new parents.

“All dogs and cats sitting in shelters experience Ritter’s moment,” teh shelter wrote. “Most are not fortunate to have an amazing photographer present to witness those moments of sadness, disappointment, and desperation. But please make no mistake, they all feel it.

“Our hopeful request is that each of you will now consider adopting one of the hundreds of animals still waiting…most far longer than Ritter.”

Always remember: ‘Adopt, don’t shop!’

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