Heartbreaking moment a firefighter and a koala helplessly watching on as the bushfire destroys the little one’s home

The situation in Australia is dramatic as the bushfires have devastated the entire country with catastrophic and most likely irreversible effects on wildlife. With more than 26 million acred of land burned, tens of thousands of people evacuated and over one billion animals dead, the scenario is frightening.

Amid the catastrophic events, heartbreaking images and footages showing the magnitude of the disaster are emerging every day. Such a moving scene was caught on camera in Adelaide, South Australia. The powerful photo shows a firefighter alongside a koala helplessly watching as the blaze destroys everything on its way, including the poor creature’s home. Unfortunately, no one can do a thins to stop the wrath of nature.

The photo, initially shared by the Eden Hills Country Fire Service on their Facebook page was captured at the Lobethal vineyard, Adelaide and it gone viral immediately. “The picture that painted a thousand words,” one heartbroken person wrote. “What a powerful photo. Thank you for sharing. And a giant thank you to all the outstanding firies tirelessly fighting the infernos. True heroes,” another comment reads.

Image credits: EdenHillsCountryFireService

The iconic Australian mammals are among the most affected animals by the wildfires. According to the latest reports at least 20,000 koala wiped out only on the Kangaroo Island. That’s “probably more than half” of the island’s koalas population, according to Sam Mitchell, co-owner at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.

Kangaroo Island in 2017 and (right) after bushfires ravaged the tourist island. Source: Reddit/kernpanic and Instragram/ajcx89

Speaking for Sunrise, during a live broadcast, late Steve Irwin’s wife, Terri raise awareness regarding the koala’s status. “We need to classify koala as endangered,” the conservationist said.

h/t: Facebook | dailymail

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