Family finds frozen kitten in the snow and brings him back to life

There isn’t a better way to spread kindness, then a big, caring heart. And this family might have performed a Christmas miracle, and it was all caught on video!

It was cold, yet beautiful morning for the Binghams. They were all outside, at their cabin near Bear Lake, Utah, playing in the snow on Thanksgiving morning. At some point, one of the boys spotted something unusual, buried in the snow. At a closer look, the toddler realized there’s actually a cat; totally unresponsive.

The poor kitten was found frozen stiff in the freshly laid snow, but dad brought her in anyway. The man had taken some veterinarian classes and began to perform CPR on the cat while keeping her warm by the fireplace. An hour later, the family was about to give up, when suddenly the tiny cat started to move on its own.

While we may never know how the little one ended up there, one thing is sure. This kind-hearted guys were sent there for a reason: to perform a miracle on that particularly day, when it’s all about caring and giving! Now the Bingham got bigger. And they appropriately named the newest member Lazarus. Watch the miraculously rescue, here:

h/t: thedodo

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