Handyman shares genius solutions to common home problems that you never expected

We all love simple hacks that make our life easier and help us save time and money, right?
Luckily, the Internet is flooded with everyday household hacks meant to help you save precious time and hopefully your sanity.
The video below by Buzzfeed features some of the best hacks we’ve seen in a while, so we’ve decided we need to share them with you as well. The clip contains a wide array of tips meant to solve common household problems that you’ve probably had to deal with a million times before.
For instance, did you know that you can use a dustpan to fill a bucket with water from your sink? Usually, it’s super hard to do that simply because your bucket doesn’t fit in the sink so that you can fill it with water. This is a problem I’ve encounter dozens of times, but never thought to use a dust pen.
For more eye-opening solutions that will make you feel smarter and help you get household work done faster, make sure to watch the video below until the end.
And if you have a heart, you’ll share these hacks with other friends who might struggle with doing household

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