If Your Hands Are Ever Zip-Tied Together, Here’s The Easy Way to Escape in Seconds

No one wants to think of themselves in a situation where their hands are zip-tied together and their lives are possibly put at risk. But acknowledging that it’s something that can happen to any of us is the first step towards being more prepared in case something like this does happen.
As it turns out, there is a pretty simple tip that will help you unzip the ties from your hands and it doesn’t require any kind of sharp object. In fact, all you need to break loose and escape a dangerous situation are your shoelaces.
That’s right, by simply using your shoelaces in a certain way, you can get rid of your ties without needing any help from someone else.
It’s important to use this method once the person who tied you is not looking, but the good news is that it should only take you a few seconds to put the tactic demonstrated in the clip into action.
This is essential information that everybody should know. We live in a dangerous world, so this is the kind of knowledge that could end up saving someone’s life one day, so if there is only one video that you plan on sharing with others today, it should be this one.

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