She hands her bird a bowl of broccoli. Now WATCH what this cockatoo does with it… FUNNY!

A lot of kids would do anything to avoid eating the vegetables on their plates. That’s a fact and something we’ve all come to expect. But what is not as common is for birds to act like spoiled kids and refuse to eat their greens. But as it turns out, some birds are just as picky when it comes to the food being served to them.
The fussy bird in the video below knows how to make its taste in food very clear to her owner. When her owner hands the bird a bowl of broccoli, the cockatoo can’t get rid of it fast enough. The bird only picks up the broccoli in his mouth long enough to throw it down on the floor.
The bird’s reaction is hilarious. And if you didn’t liked eating broccoli growing up, this will most likely look very familiar to you.
The point of this video was to show kids that eating vegetables is good, but this finicky cockatoo obviously had other plans.
This is definitely not something you see every day, so make sure you take a good look before sharing this clip with your friends.

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