Grown Up Man Wants Halloween Candy So Much That He Goes Trick Or Treat With A Fake Kid

Whether we like to admit it or not, dressing up in a costume is not the best thing about Halloween. Nor is it carving pumpkins or decorating your home to scare your neighbors (although that sure is fun). The best part about Halloween is having an excuse to eat a lot more sweets than you know you should. Yes, my friend, candy is the best thing about Halloween.
And that’s true whether you’re a kid or a grown-up. Don’t pretend like you don’t like sweets just because you have a day job and pay your bills at time. We were all kids once who loved sweets of all kinds, and unfortunately, we never really outgrow our desire for sugar.
The bad part is that you have to be a kid or have a kid to go asking for free sweets on Halloween night. Well, the guy in the video below found a brilliant way around it. The man went trick or treating on Halloween night with a fake kid, and actually managed to get his hands on a lot of candy. In his case, though, it was more tricking than treating.
Take a look:

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