We’ve been witnessed to so many adorable interactions between humans and wild creatures. However this lovely scene takes the say “be kind” to the next level. While walking through the Singapore Botanic Gardens, this woman captured a footage on her phone, that you have to watch it twice to believe your eyes.

Apparently, a lady knew exactly how to touch the soul of the turtles living in the botanic garden. Equipped with a brush, the kind lady made the turtles to emerge from the water and line up when she approached them. The reason?…a well deserved scrub.

Most likely, the woman was trying to clean up the turtles’ shells out of algae, but they accept the free service is just adorable. Or, who knows, maybe they love to be scratched on their backs. One this is for sure, the lovely scene will make your day!

Arrifin shared her experience at the Singapore Botanical Garden in a Facebook post. “I went to Botanical Gardens yesterday and saw this delightful sight, Aunty was happily scrubbing thick green algae off the backs of them cute terrapins,” she wrote. “Spreading kindness in every way possible,” Ariffin said. “Such a heartwarming sight!”

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