Grocery Store Employee Reveals Bread Tag Color Trick Everyone Should Know

Most products these days come with a lot of packing. From bags to tags to labels and different promotion materials that often come attached to them, the products we buy come with a lot of information.
So it’s no wonder so many of us are having a hard time processing all the details, especially since many of the symbols on the packing are foreign to the average consumer. That being said, though, there are certain things that we should really pay attention to because they can actually help us keep track of the lifespan of our products and goods.
One example is that little triangle that you can find on most of the products you buy. What you want is to see a 1, 2, or 4 written inside the triangle because those numbers indicated that that particular item is safe for storage.
Another thing to pay attention to is the tag color on the bread you’re buying. As it turns out, this has special meaning too. If you look at the different kinds of bread in the supermarket, you notice that they have tags that are of different colors.
That’s because the color of the bread actually tells you the day the bread was delivered at the store, and thus how fresh is it. A blue tag means that the bread was delivered on Monday, while a yellow tag indicates the bread made its way on the shelves on Friday.
For more information that will turn you into a smarter shopper, check out the video below. You’ll learn a lot of cool things you probably didn’t even stop to think about before.

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