Massive Great Dane hilariously complains when dinner is late

While we’re all used with dogs to do all sort of weird and stupid things, they still have some special routines they respect them to the letter. The vast majority of pups I’ve met are just like a Swiss watch when it comes to their meal time!


For instance, my cute boy Neto drags his bowl all over the room if his dinner is not served at exactly 7 p.m. But my neaighbor’s Nero, on the other hand, even if he’s always punctual about his timekeeping, is also very patient, so he waits next to his bowl even 10-15 minutes if necessary. Well, I guess any dog has a way (patiently or not) to protest if his favorite food is not served in time. However, I very sure no one compares with this Great Dane’s reaction when his owners “forget” to feed him on time.


Apparently Max – the Great Dane is extremely careful when comes to his timekeeping. So once, his parents decided to see his reaction if the dinner is late. Of course, they filmed the entire scene and Max reaction is so hilarious. His dinner is a few minutes delayed and Max is inches away to throw a tantrum. But his owners didn’t seem to be impressed about his reaction and they started to ask him what his complains are. But all that Max wants is his delicious meal.

You can watch the funny moment here:

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