Grandma takes care of a stray cat, until her grandson realizes it’s not a cat at all

The woman in the video below has always been a huge animal lover, so her family has pretty much got used to her always rescuing animals off the street and adopting them. However, when the woman brought home a stray “cat” with pointy nose and skinny tail, some of her loved ones were a bit skeptic.

However, the woman was sure that the odd-looking animal was a stray feline in need of a home, so for the following two months, she took care of it as if it was an ordinary cat. But as time passed by, it became obvious to everyone in the family that the adopted cat was in fact an opossum. The story was made public online by the woman’s grandson Eric who added that the woman really believed the opossum was just a cat at first. She had even set up a comfy bed for him and made sure he always had food nearby. In return, the opossum did his best to get along with her other adopted felines (probably so that they wouldn’t blow his cover).

However, when the woman finally did see it was an opossum, she said, “well, he hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!” Well, you know what they say: grandma knows best. So as long as both she and the opossum are healthy and happy, I don’t see the problem with having an opossum for a pet. What do you think about this? Share the story with others and get the conversation started among your friends.

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