Grandma Puts Baby To Bed, Security Camera Footage Has Everyone In Laughter

Thanks to their unlimited love, patience and experience, grandmas are without a doubt the best babysitter any parents could find and hope for. Those years of parenting experience that come with raising their own children help grandmas sure come in handy when it comes to looking after a toddler and even a small baby.
That being said, though, there are also those who say that grandmas may not be the best because of their age. You see, elderly people just can’t run as fast or react as quickly as a young parent could.
But that’s not the challenge the grandma in the video below is experiencing. Her problem has more to do with height than anything else. The woman is not very tall, so she had some troubles putting her young nephew back in his crib for his nap.
The grandma actually fell into the crib trying to put him to bed, and the video captured by the family’s security camera is now going viral. It was the baby’s mom who posted the clip on Facebook alongside the caption: “Mom is going to kill me, but I had to post.”
The clip ended up getting more than 50 million views online. Check it out!

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