Lucky goose safely finds his way back home after being snatched by a fox

A very lucky goose beat all the odds after escaping a fox snatch and safely returned to his farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. The true-hearted creature left his family baffled when made his appearance at the window a few days after his disappearance.

Steve and Lulu – two adorable geese were like children for a Canadian family. The Shymko husbands rescued the two birds almost nine years ago and ever since they were following them everywhere, especially Steve who’s never left his human mom’s side for anything in the world. “If I was in the yard [Steve] would always be right beside me,” Carla Shymko told The Dodo. ” They[Steve and Lulu] would sleep right beside our large dogs and they would be the first to welcome guests when they would arrive.”

Image credits CARLA SHYMKO/ The DODO

So you can only imagine how heartbroken Carla and her husband may had felt when they realized Steve is missing. The family was devastated as they spotted some white feathers on the Steve’s enclosure ground. Even though, they started to search for him, but when a neighbor told them he had spotted a fox running with a goose in its mouth, the Shymko knew there’s no hope as their little companion is gone for good.

For days, they even got the community’s support to search for Steve, but unfortunately it has all been in vain. “We were devastated,” the woman said. “Especially the thought of him being hurt badly and suffering was just so sad for us. He was such a huge part of our family and we were heartbroken.”

Image credits CARLA SHYMKO/ The DODO

However, just when they lost any hope, Carla’s husband woke in a morning to hear some noise coming from the front door. And when he went there to investigate, he just couldn’t believed his eyes when spotted Steve safe and unharmed sitting right there on the doorsill.

Image credits CARLA SHYMKO/ The DODO

” He was waiting at our back sliding doors where he would always wait for me when I would go in the house,” the overwhelmed woman said. “He was weak and laying down … gently pecking on the window trying to tell us he was home.” Even he was exhausted, both the family and Steve were more than happy to reunite.

(Source: thedodo)

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