Kind people join efforts to save orca stranded on Alaska rocks

In a truly heart-melting footage meant to restore the faith in humanity, a group of strangers joined their forces in order to save a stranded whale from certain death. The poor marine creature found itself in desperate need of help after getting stuck between rocks on the shores of an Alaskan island. Fortunately it was a happy ending story!


The hopeless killer whaler was initially spotted by the crew of a private ship, on the Prince of Wales Island, a few miles off the shores of British Columbia. Soon as they realized the 20-foot orca was in real danger, the kindhearted captain anchored the ship and his crew rushed to help the poor creature. The nice people used pomps to pour water on the stranded whale in their desperate attempt to keep it alive. They also alerted the Coast Guard about the delicate situation. In their help, also jumped a few beachgoers who used buckets to put water on the helpless whale.

NOAA Fisheries/Captain Chance St

Thankfully, the Good Samaritans hard efforts finally paid off, six hours after, when the orca was finally able to free itself once the tide returned. The dramatic rescue was caught on camera by several witnesses and they all went viral.

The poor whale even cried in agony as according to the ship’s captain Chance Strickland. “There were tears coming out of its eyes,” he told The NY Times. “I don’t speak a lot of whale, but it didn’t seem real stoked. It was pretty sad.”


It is unknown how the whale ended up stranded on those rocks, but some said the 8.2 Earthquake that hit the Alaskan shores a day earlier can be blamed. However, Julie Fair, a spokeswoman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it is is highly improbable to be that the reason.

Watch the dramatic rescue here:

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