Motorcyclist saves injured bald eagle trapped on busy highway

Dandon Miller was ridding on a highway in Pennsylvania, on Memorial Day weekend, when he spotted something unusual in the middle of the road. A badly injured bald eagle was lying right there!

“I looked down to see why everyone was stopping and there was a bald eagle in the middle of the road,” Miller explained to The Dodo. “Another person was there and they kind of nudged her a little bit to see if she would walk off the road or fly away. She spread her wings open and was not going to go anywhere.”


The motorcyclist called 911 and they told him to go to the Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue, a bird rehabilitation center located nearby while they will get there. However, Miller knew he had to be as cautious as possible to not intensify the eagle’s injuries. Luckily, he was wearing his favorite black and red flannel shirt over a t-shirt. He took off the flannel shirt, wrapped the bald eagle in it, and gently picked her up.


“I was just trying to keep her calm and make sure she knows she’s secure, and I wasn’t going to drop her or anything,” he said said. “It was just amazing to hold that bird and for her to be calm like that. Just amazing.”

Once arrived at the center, rescuer Rebecca Stansell was the one who took care of the bird. And fortunately, its injuries were mostly superficial.


“She had a mild injury to one eye and soft tissue injuries, but no broken bones,” Stansell said. “Her wounds were treated by our wildlife veterinarian while the eagle was under anaesthesia. The unexpected can always happen, but we are optimistic that she will make a full recovery.”

Thanks to Miller’s kindness, this eagle is on the road to recovery. What a way to spend Memorial Day!

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