Good Samaritan Saves German Shepherd Running On Freeway

A German Shepherd found itself in a perilous situation after escaping and running loose on a Michigan freeway, but fortunately, a Good Samaritan stepped in to save the day. Debbie Allen, who was driving along westbound 1-94, noticed the dog in the middle of the road, clearly injured from being struck by a vehicle. Determined to help, she immediately pulled over and circled back to reach the dog. At first, the dog ran up an embankment and then back down onto the busy highway. Undeterred, Allen attempted to stop traffic to ensure the dog’s safety. With the assistance of another driver, they managed to secure the dog against a center divider. Allen remained with the dog, firmly holding onto him to prevent him from running away, until the Michigan Humane Society arrived.

Allen observed that the dog appeared to be well-fed, well-groomed, and well-behaved. She requested that the Michigan Humane Society inform her of the dog’s whereabouts so she could stay updated. Despite the dog not having a microchip, there is optimism that he will be reunited with his family.

When the news station praised her for her heroic actions, Debbie humbly responded, “I am not a hero, just a human being.”

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