Golden Retrievers are known as one of the most gentle dog breeds in the world, but judging by the adorable video below, we can easily say they are the gentlest. A pair of Golden Retrievers have the sweetest reaction to meeting their new little sister. The beautiful moment was caught on video and everyone on the Internet fell in love with it. The footage went absolutely viral with roughly 15 million views and counting.


Initially shared on TikTok, a few days ago, the footage shows the two dogs – Winston and Doug – impatiently waiting to finally meet their newborn sister. Soon as dad moves towards them holding their little sister into his arms, the two dogs are getting even more excited. They climb onto the fence with their front legs to finally meet Miller – their baby sister.

“Already the best big brothers,” the video description reads. “I see lots of kisses & toys in Miller’s future!” And honestly, watching the dogs’ reaction, I’m definitely agree with that. They will undoubtably be the best big brothers anyone could ever have!


The way they react upon meeting their human sister is heartwarming. They are gently sniffing the tiny baby before showering her with tons of kisses. Winston even brought on of his favourite toys to offer to his sister. A gesture that impressed even their mother who’s been recording the lovely moment. Golden Retrievers are definitely the gentlest dogs!

Watch the now viral video here:

@winstonthegoodboygolden Already the best big brothers 💛 I see lots of kisses & toys in Miller’s future! #dogmeetsbaby #petsoftiktok #goldenretriever #feelgood #ComeDanceWithMe ♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

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