Golden puppies shower Husky auntie with cuddles in sweet footage

I can imagine that none of us would ever say no to a ton of kisses and cuddles coming from an ocean of adorable Golden Retriever puppies, but we might not be so lucky, though. However, this Husky is, and she gets the sweetest hug ever. Nearly a dozen of playful puppies jumped on her to shower her with kisses. Thankfully, someone caught the moment on video and shared it online. At least that’s all we get!


Elliegh is a lovely Siberian husky and one lucky auntie. More, she recently became an internet sensation, after a video of her being greeted by her sweet nephews and nieces went viral on social media. Of course, Elliegh made jealous so many people only, because they all wanted to be in her place. But who wouldn’t?

The eight second long footage (more than enough to make your day) was initially shared by TikTok user haley_key, a few days ago. So far, over a million of people fell in love with that overload of cuteness. The video shows auntie Elliegh rolled on her back as she can help but enjoy an ocean of wiggling tails that gathered to cuddle with her. Nine absolutely adorable and energetic puppies show their auntie what pure love is.


“Our husky loved her golden nieces and nephews and they loved their auntie Elleigh,” the video caption reads. Take a look and get ready to fall in love!

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