Girl weighing 9-pounds, 11-ounces born at 9:11 p.m. on 9/11. Is she the sign of hope?

A woman in the United States said her little daughter is a “little miracle” because she was born at 9.11 p.m. ,weighing 9.11 pounds on the day that marks the 9/11 events.

Christina Brown was delivered at LeBonheur Methodist Hospital in Germantown, Tennessee.
“She is the new life, the sign of hope and strenght ” said her mother, Cametrione Moore-Brown.

Christina was born by Caesarean section and the team was amazed to find out the time of birth and the weight recorded.

“I heard that the doctor was announcing the birth time of 9:11 and when they weighed Christina, I heard a sigh of astonishment when everyone realized that Christina was weighing 9.11 pounds, she was born on 9/11. “said the girl’s father, Justin Brown.

Rachel Laughlin, the head of maternity assistants at which the little girl was born, said: “I have been working in motherhood for over 35 years and I have never seen the date of birth of a child, the time of birth and pregnancy, all to be the same figures.”

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