How To Get A Baby To Clean the House

If you have a baby or ever spent more than 10 minutes with a baby than you know it’s hard enough to stop them from making a mess all over the house. Babies are always spilling things, breaking things, and generally just taking things from where they are supposed to be and put them in an entirely different place. It’s almost impossible to keep a tidy, clean house when you have a baby, but parents do their best, and they deserve extra points just for trying.
However, some parents seem to have all this parenting stuff figured out. Let’s take the dad in the video below for example. He not only can keep his baby daughter for making a mess of the house, but he actually found a way to get her to do numerous chores around the house. The chores include cleaning the windows, washing the dishes, throwing out the garbage, vacuuming, and the list goes on.
Still, there’s one thing dad wasn’t able to get his little girl to do, and that is scrubbing the toilet. That’s where she draws the line, apparently.
Oh, and did I mention the baby doesn’t look much older than two years old?

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